Green Bean Whole Meal Salad

Untitled design (1) The word  cooking could be set off within quotation marks because it’s a stretch to consider this dish real cooking.  That’s the way most of my meals are now that I am struggling so with COPD.

Here is the recipe for the Western salad dressing if you care to make it on your own dressing.  Into a small bowl pour a third of a cup of oil, a quarter cup of vinegar, a quarter cup of ketchup, a tablespoon or two of sugar or sweetener.

For the salad, use cooked or canned green beans, add sliced green onions and chopped canned ham. Oher cooked meats could be used. With the meat this salad serves me as a meal.

Also there is haedly a carb in sight. Whar’s not to love?

Step One

Thanks for joining me!

My journey with COPD is not exactly beginning. I’ve been traveling this path for some time. Now, I’m starting a blog about it because I’ve  never found much out there on the Web where we can come together to share insights, frustrations, or suggestions. I’d like to change that. I think we can learn from each other as well as be each other’s’ friends. There is no good outcome to this disease, but maybe the journey needn’t be quite so lonely.


To further explain: I don’t feel comfortable sharing these details  with family. My children have problems of their own. They don’t need to trudge down this path with me. But I’m hoping there are others out there who would like to share their decisions and insights with fellow sufferers.


Many call  Alzheimers” the long goodbye.” But from my viewpoint, COPD is another “long goodbye” disease, too.  Which brings me to my current stop on this adventure: cooking.


I’ve always enjoyed cooking. It’s provided a  creative outlet for me, which at the end produced a nifty, tasty treat for my dining table. (Well, most of the time it came out like that.) So finding myself increasingly panting for air as I chased around my kitchen seriously depressed me. I didn’t want to turn my meal choices over to others, so signing up for a meal delivery service did not appeal to me either.


What to do?


I decided somehow I  needed to come up with a way to cook one night while enabling me to eat from the same meal for several more nights. That’s easily done for two nights. Just double whatever meal you happen to be cooking. Some nights you might freeze the dish to save and use a few nights later. Other times you could just plop it in the fridge to eat the very next night.


Then I wondered what would happen if I multiplied the dish times four? And my eyes bulged at the concept. Cook once and eat four times. Wow!


I have found there are several ways to do this. For example, one of my favorites is to make a meatloaf and while it is roasting in the oven, I toss in a goodsized dish of vegetables to roast alongside. The veggies are intended to be eaten over the next few days. My favorite combination is to chop up potatoes, onions, and broccoli, drizzle them with olive oil and season with salt and pepper and roast. They last me several days. I haven’t tried freezing them yet. But if I mix in a different protein each night, it feels like a whole new meal.


These are some crock pot recipes that can be cooked and frozen into individual portions for later use. They are another good way to set up the cook once, eat several more times concept.




Probably none of this is news to you. We are all at different stages in this journey, but if you found any of this helpful, please, leave a comment or provide us with some of your favorite kitchen strategies. We are, kinda, sorta, all in this together. Let’s chat.