Green Bean Whole Meal Salad

Untitled design (1) The word  cooking could be set off within quotation marks because it’s a stretch to consider this dish real cooking.  That’s the way most of my meals are now that I am struggling so with COPD.

Here is the recipe for the Western salad dressing if you care to make it on your own dressing.  Into a small bowl pour a third of a cup of oil, a quarter cup of vinegar, a quarter cup of ketchup, a tablespoon or two of sugar or sweetener.

For the salad, use cooked or canned green beans, add sliced green onions and chopped canned ham. Oher cooked meats could be used. With the meat this salad serves me as a meal.

Also there is haedly a carb in sight. Whar’s not to love?

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